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The possibilities are endless! Whether you are looking for a raised flower garden, ornamental grasses or trees planted for privacy, Top Seed can handle it for you. And once you have your front yard, backyard or wherever planted, you can watch and enjoy each year as your plants grow and mature. Here are just some of the beautiful options available for your landscape.

Annual flowers and perennial gardens - Do you like the look of brightly colored annuals that are planted yearly? Or do you prefer perennials that return each year? A good suggestion is to combine the two. We can recommend flowers and bushes that will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood and increase your curb appeal.

Shrubs - Whether you want privacy, color or texture, there is a shrub available that will satisfy your needs. We know the right ones to plant in your area and that are not necessarily the favorite evening meal of the local wildlife.

Trees - Deciduous trees lose their leaves annually and can have some of the most vibrant colors in nature in a showy fall display. Evergreens maintain their needles over the winter season. Other factors such as local wildlife and area climate are key in deciding which trees to plant. We'll help you navigate the many choices and make the best decision to help guarantee your enjoyment for years to come.

Ornamental grasses - Relatively new to local landscapes, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Regardless of which variety you choose, ornamental grasses always add a big impact to any landscape or garden. Lawn installation and Hydroseeding - No grass where you want it? Empty patches in your lawn? We'll take the hard work out of your yard work.

Irrigation - If you have surface water pooling near your home's foundation or in other low lying areas, you may need an irrigation solution. We use creative techniques to create and build a customized drainage plan that will suit your needs, be integrated into your landscape design and may help you avoid costly water damage problems in the future.
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